PHE For Jucie Drink Milk Compact Gaskets Types Plate Heat Exchanger

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DGXT
Certification: CE ISO9001 CO FE
Model Number: Customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 2000USD
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 8-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
Supply Ability: 1000 per month
Transport Package: For Domestic Hot Water Specification: Standard Wooden Case
Origin: China HS Code: 84195000
Port: Shanghai, China Application: Heater, Cooler
Principle: Recuperative Heat Exchanger Style: Plate Type
Material: Stainless Steel Item: Plate Heat Exchanger

PHE For Jucie Drink Milk Compact Gaskets Types Plate Heat Exchanger

DGXT PHE is headquartered in Local Place. DGXT PHE is dedicated to providing its customers with Reliability, Organization, Safety, and Satisfaction. DGXT PHE understands how important time and savings are to each customer. DGXTPHE will strive to provide each customer with not only a product, but a solution. Let DGXTPHE be the Heat Exchanger Service company you can count on. If you are looking for superior results in a Heat Exchanger Company, DGXTPHE is ready to meet the challenge!

Our Advantages:
1.we have more than 500 kinds corrugated plates and Plate gaskets,Offer the efficiency solutions according to your different complex work condition.can help customers save much.
2.Enough plate and gaskets materials for your choose,high
Efficiency and superior quality.
3.Factory fast delivery once get your deposit payment.Help customers save more times.
4.Superior Quality in PHE manufacture feilds,compact plate heat exchanger
5.Each machine will be tested before Packing

Product material:

1.Frame material: Q235B carbon steel painted ,carbon inner with Pure stain steel out surface,Pure stain steel
2.Port Material :  stud bolts with lining,Epdm sleeve,
3.Plate material : stainless steel  AISI304/316/Ti /C276/Hastelloy alloy
4.Gasket material : EPDM,NBR,FPM,FKM,Viton etc
5.Plate Thickness:
0.5/0.6mm/others customized

Tl3|Tl6|Tl10|Tl15 Marine Compact Plate Heat Exchanger

Gaskets Material and avaiable temperature.

Gaskets Types have many types:Glued on type gaskets,Clip on Type gaskets,
Stick Type Gaskets,Lock type Gaskets.
Plate major Types:Chevron, fishbone,widegapes,free flow type plates
The plate heat exchanger can have single and multipass ,most are single pass,can devided into parallel and cross flow plate heat exchanger.

Warm Tips:
S4A VT04 H12 GL13unilateral glue FP04 V4 hang-on
S8A VT10 H17&O-RING GLX13  glue FP08 V8 hang-on
S7A VT20 N35 GL13 half FP10 V13
S14A VT20P N50 GX26 FP16 V20
S20A VT40 K71 GX26 half FP22 V28 glue
S18 clip VT40P Q055D GC26 FP14 V28 hang-on
S19 Glue VT80 Q080E GX42 Diagonal FP20 V45 hang-on
S21 VT80M A085 GC51 FP19 V60 hang-on 370G
S22 N40 J060 GX51 Diagonal FP205 V85 hang-on
S41 NT50M J092 GX51half FP31 V100 hang-on
S43 NT50X J107 GC60 FP40 V110
S65 NT50T J185 GC60 full FP50 V130
S81 NT100S SR1 GX60 Diagonal FP60 V170
S42 NT100T SR2 GX60 half FP80 V60 glue
S37 NT100M SR3 GX100 Diagonal FP70 V45 glue
S38 NT150S LR9AV  GX100 half FP41 CIPRIANI
S39 NT150L TR9AL GX140 Diagonal FP81 CP150A
S100 NT250S TR9AV GX140 half FP405 CP250C
S19A hang-on NT250L TR9GL GX85 Diagonal FP100 CP200
S58 clip NT350S TR9GN GX85 half FP130 CP250B
SF25 hang-on NT350M M107 GX145 Diagonal FP05 CP100A
S25 glue VT80Glue.DN170 R14 GX145 half FP112 HISAKA
S17 Button DN125 Glue. A145 GX205 unilateral FP82 LX625A
S121Button NT150 Glue. Q030E GX64 Diagonal FP190 LX025A
S188 Button VT80 Glue.SMALL-BIG Q030D GX64 half FP71 RX30A
S145   M060 GX91 Diagonal FP09 LX595A
SW40 VT402 T4 GX118 Diagonal FP42 CX10
S47 Button VT405 SR6GL GX205 Diagonal FP62 W.Schmidt(API)
S201 glue VT2508 B063S GX265 Diagonal FP160 SIGMA106
SF123G NF350 M092 GX180 Diagonal FP120  
SF160G Thermowave R8 GX42 unilateral Smartheat SIGMA114
S63 Button TL90SS SR9 GX26 unilateral SH154 SIGMA37
S62 Button TL90PP K34 GX51 unilateral SH154-A SIGMA26
S47B TL150SS B134S GX100 unilateral SH204 SIGMA35
S20A TL150PP A055 GX60 unilateral LHE SIGMA13
S41A TL400SS R10 GX26 hang-on Diagonal LH150 SIGMA25
S113 TL400PP B110S GC09 LH104 SIGMA36
S43AD TL250SS B158S GX18 Diagonal HT101 SIGMA55
S43A TL250PP Q055E GX18 unilateral HT102 SIGMA56
S65A TL500SS 0034 GX18 Half/Full HT103 SIGMA66
S100A TL500PP R5 GX37 HT104 SIGMA106
S67 TL650SS K55 06T HT231 SIGMA136
S86 Button TL650PP SR23PV UX80 HT232 SIGMA156
S110 Button TL850SS H12 UX40 HT233 SIGMA76
S86B hang-on TL850PP B205S GF187 HT234 SIGMA96
S110B hang-on TL50PP SR6GH GC26(hang-on) HT150 SIGMA SRAR 45
S31A DANFOSS SR6AG GC51(hang-on) HT151 SIGMA90
S7A XG30 SR6AA GC60(hang-on) HT152 SIGMA27
S130 glue XG40 SFD22 GX12 HT153 SIGMA35X
S100 glue XG50 ZP270 GCD054 Diagonal HT502 SIGMA9
S65 glue XG65   GCD044 Diagonal   SIGMA48
S43 glue XG75   GCD054 unilateral   SIGMA9
S86 Button XG95   GCD044 unilateral HK26 SIGMA7
S145 XG85   GL13(hang-on)    
S201 XG45   GC8 unilateral,Diagonal    
S210 XGS55A   UX90    
  XGS56A   UX100    

Tl3|Tl6|Tl10|Tl15 Marine Compact Plate Heat Exchanger
PHE For Jucie Drink Milk Compact Gaskets Types Plate Heat Exchanger 2

Tl3|Tl6|Tl10|Tl15 Marine Compact Plate Heat Exchanger

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