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Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Sondex
Certification: CE ISO9001 COO COM
Model Number: S188
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $2000/PCS
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 10-15 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Supply Ability: 100000pieces/Year
Model NO.: S188 Core: Plate
Frame Material: Carbon, SS304, SS316 Trademark: DGXT OR OEM
Transport Package: Plywood Case Specification: Stainless Steel SS316L/0.5
Origin: China HS Code: 84195000
Port: Shanghai, China Production Capacity: 100000pieces/Year
Certification: CE, ISO, UL Application: Heater, Cooler, Vaporizer, Condenser
Principle: Recuperative Heat Exchanger Style: Plate Type
Material: Stainless Steel Gasket: EPDM/NBR

Sondex Gasketed Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

S188, China Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer & Supplier
Recommended Applications:

S41/42/S62/S86/S110 range of Sondex plate heat exchangers is specially designed for the HVAC area, the geothermal-, marine- and heat recovery area as well as for the food-, industrial- and chemical market.

Design Principle: The Sondex plate range with it's length up to 2.3 meter and up to extra "long" thermal pattern, will cover many duties up to 350 m3/h in a single pass solution, which means that all connections are on the head side. This will ensure easy pipe- and service work, and by dismantling the exchanger for service, no pipes need to be removed. The heat transfer is obtained, when the warm medium transfers energy through the thin, strong flow plates between the channels and delivers it to the cold opposing medium without mixing the two media. Counter-current flow creates the optimal efficiency. The plate- and inlet design allows an effective and easy CIP (Cleaning In Place) of all "flow" surfaces. Flow plates:

The corrugated "Herringbone" pattern ensures turbulent flow in the whole effective area. Further this pattern brings "metallic" contact between the plates, and together with locking devices on the gaskets, the plate pack is easily assembled The plate pack is held firm and safely between the fixed head and movable follower of the frames.

Data Required for Correct Quotation: Duty, flow rate, type of media, temperatures, working pressure/temperature, pressure losses and thermodynamic properties determine the choice exchanger type, heat surface size and plate pattern.


Technical Information Frame: Painted frame and stainless steel frame, with the clamping bolts placed around the frame edge. Standard colour by painted frame: Blue RAL 5010. Available in other colours.

Working pressure: The painted frames are designed for working pressure: 0.6 MPa/1.0 MPa/1.5MPa/2.5 MPa. The stainless steel frames are designed for 1.0 and 1.6 MPa.

Intermediate Frame: Intermediate frame and corner blocksfor the types S41/42, S62 and S86.

Construction Standard: According to PED 97/23/EC: A-D "Merkblätter" According to ASME CODE: ASME VIII, DIV. 1

Connections: DN 150 flanges. Carbon steel rubber lined or cladded with AISI316 or titanium According to all known standards. 4", 5" & 6" / DN100/125/150 dairy unions. According to all known standards.

Plates: Standard material: AISI 304, AISI 316 and titanium, 254 SMO Also 2 x 0.4 mm "Sonder Safe" plates. Not standard: Hastelloy C 276 and other pressable materials.

Gaskets: The gaskets are the unique type "Sonder Lock" or "hang-on" nonglued. Standard material: Nitrile, EPDM and viton.

Extra Equipment: Safety cover in stainless steel. Insulating jacket. Assembling spanner. Foundation feet for frame.

High quality S188 series plate heat exchanger,frame gasket plate heat exchanger


Detachable Sondex plate heat exchanger specification
Model Connection surface/plate Plate QMAX Surface Max
  DN m2 No. T/H m2
S7 50 0.07 76 40 5
S14 50 0.15 427 40 59
S17 50/65 0.19 609 40 100
S18 50/62.5 0.19 609 65 115
S21 100 0.22 698 180 146
S22 100 0.26 538 165 118
S41 150 0.45 670 380 274
S42 150 0.46 532 360 223
S62 150 0.68 670 380 415
S43 200 0.46 695 700 300
S65 200 0.68 695 700 450
S100 200 1 695 700 695
S130 200 1.3 695 700 900
S80 300 0.8 930 1600 744
S81 300 0.84 930 1600 750
S120 300 1.2 930 1600 1115
S188 300 1.88 930 1600 1750
300 1.88 930 1600 2210
S250 300 2.51 930 1600 2334
S200 500 2.06 930 4000 1860
The Table are Sondex Commonly type Pressure Up to 2.5Mpa
Frame type:IS,IT,FT,IG,FS,FG,IC
Model Deep(mm) E(mm) C*D(mm) A*B(mm)
S4A 2.35 φ28 381*70 449*140
S8A 2.35 φ28 656*70 724*140
S21A 2.6 φ101 719*225 882*378
S22A 4 φ101 719*225 882*378
S41A 2.6 φ147 890*296 1100*497
S42A 3.8 φ147 890*296 1100*497
S43 2.6 φ202 791*395 1062*659
S65 2.6 φ202 1091*395 1362*659
S100 2.6 φ202 1489*395 1760*659
S81 3.5 φ303 1079*480 1461*868
S121 3.5 φ303 1490*480 1872*868
S17 3 φ69 800*150 927*274
S14A 2.6 φ60 694*126 800*230
S7A 2.6 φ60 394*126 498*230
S20A 2.6 φ60 894*126 998*230
S9A 2.3 φ66 381*192 496*306
S19A 2.3 φ66 701*192 816*306
S31A 2.3 φ66 1050*192 1166*306
S37 3.5 φ81 1070*238 1212*380
S47 2.6 φ101 1365*225 1518*380
S188 3.5 φ303 2120*480 2505*868
S130 2.6 φ202 1891*395 2161*659
S113 2.7 φ250 1527*448 1848*758
S64 2.6 φ101 1770*225 1929*380
S62 2.6 φ147 1292*296 1505*500
S86 2.6 φ147 1694*296 1908*500
S110 2.6 φ147 2094*296 2304*500
S145 3.5 φ410 1410*660 1913*1160
S188, China Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer & Supplier
SONDEX A/S has the most standard plate heat exchanger in the world, and every year it has a new standard of heat exchanger. At present, there are 24 series of SONDEX plate heat exchangers, more than 40 specifications, nearly 100 kinds of plates, and the size of the corner holes from DN15-DN500 (the world's largest), which can meet the requirements of the 0.05t/h-2000t/h ultra large flow range. In addition to plate heat exchangers, SONDEX also produces brazed heat exchangers, semi welded heat exchangers, free flow heat exchangers, plate and shell heat exchangers, seawater desalination machines, etc.

The heat exchangers of the same angle hole size and width in the SONDEX series plate heat exchangers have 3-6 different height types. Because the angle hole position and the length width ratio of the plate heat exchanger will affect the flow of the interplate fluid and thus affect the heat transfer, the different length and width ratio of the plate of SONDEX can meet the working conditions of different heat length requirements. . (thermal length theta) is the ratio of the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the heat transfer medium and the logarithmic mean temperature difference of the heat transfer medium under the working condition. It is an important parameter to react the performance of the heat exchanger, that is, the ability to change the temperature of the heat transfer medium.

SONDEX is also designed to make the same shape and size, only the twin plate with different corrugation depth, such as S41 and S42, two types of SONDEX heat exchangers, the shape and angle hole size are exactly the same, but the S41 heat exchanger channel width 5.4mm, S42 heat exchanger channel width 6.9mm. The wide channel is more suitable for the condition of uneven flow of fibers, particles or high viscosity medium and cold and hot medium. Because of the wide and narrow channel heat exchanger, the SONDEX plate heat exchanger can be designed to obtain the best inter plate flow rate, so as to achieve good heat transfer effect.

The rich tablet makes it easy for SONDEX to provide users with the best solution. For the same working conditions, the SONDEX plate heat exchanger has higher thermal efficiency. The required heat transfer area is more economical. This will not only save the investment, but also can easily obtain more reasonable inter plate velocity, thus reducing the corrosion and scaling speed of the plate, and prolonging the service life of the plate heat exchanger.

SONDEX each type of plate has been carefully designed and rigorously tested.
The plates of each specification are divided into two types: TL and TK, which have high heat transfer efficiency, high fluid resistance, low heat transfer efficiency and less fluid resistance. The channel of the plate heat exchanger can be a single soft plate channel, hard plate passageway, soft and hard plate passageway can also be the mixture of the aforementioned passageways. The optimal design of heat exchanger is achieved by the ratio of scientific passages.

The same side flow is used in the SONDEX plate heat exchangers, because the design of the diversion area is adopted at the entrance and exit of the plate, that is, the groove design of the chocolate island shaped area at the outlet of the corner hole. The common linear guide slot only distributes the uniform distribution of one side fluid, and the design of the chocolate Island groove can balance the difference of flow resistance on the flow channels, making the fluid in each part of the plate relatively uniform distribution state, even the wider plate can make the fluid evenly distributed between the plates. It fundamentally improves the traditional same side flow plate heat exchanger, which is caused by the difference in the distribution of fluid in the interplate and the flow dead angle, and the decrease of heat transfer efficiency. In addition, the area of the diversion area is also involved in heat exchange at the same time, and the heat transfer area of the SONDEX plate heat exchanger is improved. Margin;
As the design of the chocolate Island diversion area is designed to ensure that the fluid is evenly distributed between the plates, SONDEX uses the same side diagonal flow, which is more convenient for the user to take over.

The international advanced design and production processes make SONDEX plate heat exchangers the best cost-effective products.
All of the global SONDEX plate heat exchangers are from the Danish SONDEX plant 6 hydraulic press, one of which is 20000T, the largest hydraulic press in Europe, which is specially used to process large plates above DN400. Due to the large capacity of press and advanced stamping technology, every SODNEX sheet pressed into it is very smooth without any stress and deformation. The surface roughness of the sheet sheet is the same as that of the original sheet, and it has high quality uniformity. The SONDEX sheet completely meets the requirements of the plate quality of the food hygiene industry. The friction resistance of the fluid is reduced, the scaling is not easy, and the pitting is not easy to occur. It ensures the stable and efficient operation of the SONDEX heat exchanger.

The SONDEX plate heat exchanger adopts the SONDER LOCK button type non adhesive gasket as the main seal. Compared with the adhesive gaskets, the non adhesive gaskets have the advantages of easy installation and disassembly, repeated use and long service life. This kind of buckle connection designed by SONDEX is that a row of protruding buckle structure evenly distributed on the gasket and the small hole in the corresponding position on the plate, ensures that the gasket will not fall off during the installation or use of the sheet. The positioning part of the buckle gasket is not in contact with the fluid in the heat exchanger, so that the positioning hook of the hanging gasket is avoided by contact with the fluid.

S188, China Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer & Supplier
S188, China Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer & Supplier


Features: Compact structure, small area, good heat transfer effect, small pressure drop, a variety of fillers, good corrosion resistance, especially in the treatment of foamy materials and vacuum operation, has its unique advantages.
Advantages: high heat transfer efficiency, large logarithmic temperature difference, light weight, small area, convenient cleaning, and easy to change the heat area or process combination, suitable for heat transfer in multiple media.

Application: Widely used in the petroleum industry, power station, solar photovoltaic, electronics industry, papermaking industry, textile industry, chemical industry, marine and engine, HVAC, food industry, edible oil processing, metallurgical industry and so on.

Role: Heat exchanger is a device that transmits heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid, also known as a heat exchanger. Its main function is to guarantee the specific temperature required by the process for the medium.
It can transfer heat between materials between two or more fluids at different temperatures, transfer heat from a higher temperature fluid to a lower temperature fluid, and bring the fluid temperature to meet the flow specifications to meet the needs of the process conditions., At the same time, heat exchanger is also one of the main equipment to improve energy efficiency.

Particulars required for quotation

- Flow rates or heat load
- Temperature program
- Physical properties of liquids in question (if not water)
- Desired working pressure
- Maximum permitted pressure drop
- Available steam pressure

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