Stainless Steel DGXT Plate Heat Exchanger S4A heat exchanger

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DGXT
Certification: FDA CE
Model Number: Customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 1000USD
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 8-10 days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 1000 per month
Model NO.: S4A-IT10-44-TL Manufacturer: DGXT
Specification: Customized Origin: China
HS Code: 84195000 Min. Order: 1 Piece
Port: Shanghai, China Application: Heater, Cooler
Principle: Recuperative Heat Exchanger Style: Plate Type
Material: Stainless Steel Transport Package: Wooden Case
After-sale Service: Online Support

DGXT Plate Heat Exchanger

Product material:

1.Frame material: commonly carbon steel paint ,carbon inner with stain steel out surface,Pure stain steel frame 

2.Port Material :  stud bolts with lining,Epdm sleeve,OEM Flange

3.Plate material & thickness : Commonly AISI304/316/Ti /C276 plate 0.5/0.6mm

4.Gasket material : EPDM&NBR&FPM or others.(Most commly use is EPDM)

Plate material Applicable fluids
Stainless steel(SU304.316 ect) Clean water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil
Stainless steel & Ti, Ti-Pd Sea water, salty water,salt compounds
20Cr, 18Ni,SMO Dilute sulfuric acid,Water solution of salt matter,
Inorganic solution
Nickel High temperature and high concentration of caustic soda
Hastelloy Concentrated sulfuric acid,Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid
Sealing material: adapt temperature Suitable for fluid
NBR -15~+120ºC Water, sea water, cooking oil, salt water
HNBR -15~+140ºC High temperature mineral oil, high temperature water
EPDM -25~+170ºC Hot water, water vapor, acid, alkali
Viton -5~+130ºC

Acid, alkali, fluid

Product Features:

1.High efficiency and compact

2.Removable plate heat exchanger with unparalleled flexibility.

3.High heat transfer coefficient, sensitive temperature control

4.Low pressure lose, high operating flexibility

5.  Compact structure, easy assembly & disassembly

6.Long life-time, metal plates to withstand high temperatures and resist corrossion

Application :

§ Water to Water Transfer

§ Hydraulic Oil cooling

§ HVAC - Domestic water heating

§ Steam to water heating

§ Pasteurization

§ Elution Cooling

§ General Process heating or cooling

§ Energy Recovery

§ Beer Wort Coolers

Plate heat exchanger display:
S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger
S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat exchanger display:


S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel DGXT Plate Heat Exchanger S4A heat exchanger 4

Plate Heat Exchanger Specification Sheet:


D-Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger Model

Detachable Sondex plate heat exchanger specification
Model Connection  surface/plate Plate QTY QMAX Surface max
  DN m2 No. T/H m2
D-S7 50 0.07 76 40 5
D-S14 50 0.15 427 40 59
D-S17 50/65 0.19 609 40 100
D-S18 50/62.5 0.19 609 65 115
D-S21 100 0.22 698 180 146
D-S22 100 0.26 538 165 118
D-S41 150 0.45 670 380 274
D-S42 150 0.46 532 360 223
D-S62 150 0.68 670 380 415
D-S43 200 0.46 695 700 300
D-S65 200 0.68 695 700 450
D-S100 200 1 695 700 695
D-S130 200 1.3 695 700 900
D-S80 300 0.8 930 1600 744
D-S81 300 0.84 930 1600 750
D-S120 300 1.2 930 1600 1115
D-S188 300 1.88 930 1600 1750
300 1.88 930 1600 2210
D-S250 300 2.51 930 1600 2334
D-S200 500 2.06 930 4000 1860
The Table are Sondex Commonly type Pressure Up to 2.5Mpa
Frame type:IS,IT,FT,IG,FS,FG,IC


S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger
S4a S7a S8a S14A S17 Sondex Plate Heat ExchangerStainless Steel DGXT Plate Heat Exchanger S4A heat exchanger 7Stainless Steel DGXT Plate Heat Exchanger S4A heat exchanger 8

More equivalent plate heat Exchanger model:


Heat Exchanger Plate Gasket
S4A S16B S22 S43A S81 S86 S65 Glue Type
S8A S9A S37 S43 S121 S110 S100 Glue Type
S7A S19A S41 S65 S188 S113G S130 Glue Type
S14A S31A S41A S100 S81 S201G SFD13
S20A S17 S42 S100 S121 SF123 SFD22
S7Glue S21 S63 S47 S188 SF160 SFD23
S20Glue S21A S43H S64 S62 S43 Glue Type SFD35
FP04 FP16 FP31 FP60 FP112 FP205 FP41
FP08 FP22 FP40 FP80 FP405 FP82 FP130
FP05 FP14 FP50 FP42 FP70 FP10 FP100
FP09 FP20 FP71 FP62 FP100    
T4 Q030E A085 M060 SR6AG B134 TR9GN
H12 Q055E A145 M092 R8GI B158 TR9GL
H12 Water Generator Q080E J060 M107 SR9 B205 K34
H17 Q030D J092 SR2 R10 P105 K55
N25 Q055D J107 SR3 R14 P190 K71
N35 Q080D J154 R5 B063 TR9AL TR9AV
N50 A055 J185 SR6GL B110 TR9AV  
VT04 VT405P NT50M NT250S VT20P VT80(M) NT100X
VT10 AT405 NT50X NT250M VT40 VT2508 NT150L
VT20 VT405 NT100T NT250L VT40(M) NT50T NT150S
VT205 VT80 NT100M NT350S NT350M FA184 N40
V2 V13 V45 V110 V28 V100 V170
V4 V20 V60 V130 V8 V280  
GC008 GX18 GX26 GX51 GX60 GX64 GX85
GL13 GC16 GX42 GC51 GX100 GX91 GX145
GX12 GC26 GC50 GC60 GX140 GX118 GX205
Sigma09 Sigma27 Sigma48 Sigma35 shallow type Sigma55 Sigma96 Sigma136
Sigma13 Sigma36 Sigma49X(39X) Sigma25 Sigma56 Sigma66 Sigma156
Sigma26 Sigma37 Sigma25 shallow type Sigma35 Sigma76 Sigma106 Sigma90
CX70 UX20 UX90 LX00A LX526A RX715 LX30A
UX07 UX40 RX50 LX10A UX10A UX80  
TL50P TL90S TL400P TL250P TL500S TL650P TL850S
TL90P TL150S TL200S TL500P TL250SSW LT850P TL650S
TL150P TL200P TL400S TL250S TL500SSW    

Application Of Plate heat Exchanger

1.Nuclear Power Industry ,Cold water cooler,Diesel engine cooler

2.Ship building Industry,Diesel motor cooler,Jacket water cooler

3.Chemical Industry, Manufacturing titanium,Synthetic ammonia

4.Air conditioning,Cooling of the refrigerant,Cold temperature of the refrigeran

5.Heating,Heating for exhaust heat areas of steam stations

6.Paper,Cooling liquid sodium hydroxide,Heating or cooling liquid saline and alkaline for bleach

7.Textile industry,Heat recovery of different waste liquor

8.Food industy,Salt manufacturing,Dairy products

9.Pharmaceuticals Industry,Heating or cooling solution

10.Metal lurgy Industry,Heating or cooling aluminate mother liquor

11.Oil Industry,Heating or cooling synthetic detergent

12.Machine building industry,Cooling various quenching liquid

Please Kindly offer us the following PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER informations in your inquiry The more the better.

Type of Plate Heat Exchanger:

Brazed PHE or Gasketed PHE ?
Heat Exchanged:___?     (KW,KCAL)
Hot side: 
Fluid:  ?  %40 ethylene glycol  ,  water  etc  
Temperature inlet: ?
Temperature outlet:?
Pressure drop:                   
Cold side: 
Fluid:   ?   
Temperature inlet:      ? 
Temperature outlet:    ?   
Pressure drop:              


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