Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: DGXT
Certification: FDA CE
Model Number: Customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 1000USD
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 1000 per month
Model NO.: Customized Transport Package: Wooden Case
HS Code: 84195000 Port: Shanghai, China
Production Capacity: 100000pieces/Year Application: Heater, Cooler
Principle: Recuperative Heat Exchanger Style: Plate Type
Material: Stainless Steel Item: Chevron Angle Cooling Plate Heat Exchanger
After-sale Service: Online Support

Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger

PHE Model:

Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger 0Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger 1Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger 2Chevron Angle Cooling heat transfer plate heat exchanger,PHE plate heat exchanger 3


Brand        Model          B C D E F
PHE S4 TL90 VT4 H17 GL-13
S7 TL150 VT8 N35 GC-16
S8 TL250 VT10 Q030 GX-18
S14 TL400 VT40 Q055 GC-26
S17 TL500 VT20 A055 GX-26
S19 TL650 NT100(T/M/X) A085 GX-42
S21 TL850 NT150(S/L) J060 GX-51
S22 TL100 NT250(S/L) J092 GC-51
S47 TL210 NT350S J107 GC-60
S41 TL600 N40L J185 GX-60
S42 TL550     GX-91
S62 TL750     GX-100
S43(AD) TL800     GX-85
S65 TL200     GL-85
S100       GL-140
S81       GX-140

PHE Spare parts Plate and gasket Model:
B A055 A085 H12 H17C H17G J060 J092 J107 J185 Sr1 Sr2 Sr3 Sr6 Sr14 Sr95 M60 M92 M107 U2 T4 N25 N35-C N35-G Q030D Q030E Q055 Q080 K34 K55 K71G R5-R R5-L N50 P105 P190 E201 RS3
C VT04P VT10F VT20-C VT20-G VT20P VT40-C VT40-G VT40P/M VT40P VT80-C VT80-G VT80M VT80P VT805 VT130F VT130K VT405 VT1306 VT2508 NT10 NT50T NT50X NT50M NT100T NT100M NT100X NT150S NT150L NT250S NT250L NT350S FA184 FE184 LWC100T N40 VT2508
D GXP018 GXP026 GXP042 GXP051 GXD012 GXD026 GXD042 GXD051 GXD060 GXD085 GXD145 GCD030 GCD054 GCP016 GCP026 GCP051 GFP050 GFP100 GLD013 S3/GFP030 S8/GFP080 GL13 GX12 GX13 GC26 GX26 GC30 GC42 GX42 GX51 GC51 GC54 GC60 GX60 GX100 GX180
E V4 V8 VU8 V10 V13C V13G V20C V20G V28C V28G V45C V45G V60C V60G V60A V60B V85G V100A V100B V110A V130 V170 V280
F S4A S7A S8 S8A S14A S15 S19A S20 S20A S21 S21A S22 S27A S30 S35 S37 S37B S38 S39 S41 S41A S42 S43B S47B S50 S62 S64 S65B S65C S65G S81 S100B S121 S188 SFD13
H LX00A LX10A LX20 LX20A LX30A LX40 LX40A LX50A UX01 UX10 UX10A UX20 UX20A UX30 UX30A UX40 UX40A UX80 UX90 RX10A RX11A RX30A RX70 SX40(41) SX40A EX11 EX15
I FP04,FP08,FP10,FP14,FP20,FP16,FP22,FP205,FP31,FP40,FP50,FP41,FP60,FP80

Plate Heat exchanger Material Warm Tips:
Plate material Applicable fluids
Stainless steel(SU304.316 ect) Clean water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil
Stainless steel & Ti, Ti-Pd Sea water, salty water,salt compounds
20Cr, 18Ni,SMO Dilute sulfuric acid,Water solution of salt matter,
Inorganic solution
Nickel High temperature and high concentration of caustic soda
Hastelloy Concentrated sulfuric acid,Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid
Sealing material: adapt temperature Suitable for fluid
NBR -15~+120ºC Water, sea water, cooking oil, salt water
HNBR -15~+140ºC High temperature mineral oil, high temperature water
EPDM -25~+170ºC Hot water, water vapor, acid, alkali
Viton -5~+130ºC

Acid, alkali, fluid

Function: the heat exchanger is the equipment that transfers the heat of the hot fluid to the cold fluid, also known as the heat exchanger. Its main function is to ensure the specific temperature required by the process to the medium.
It can transfer heat between two or more fluids at different temperatures and more than two kinds of fluid, so that the heat transfer from higher temperature to the lower temperature fluid, so that the fluid temperature reaches the specified index of the process to meet the needs of the process conditions, and the heat exchanger is one of the main equipment to improve the energy utilization.
Features: plate heat exchanger has compact structure, small floor area and good heat exchange effect.
Application: widely used in oil industry, power station, solar photovoltaic, electronic industry, paper industry, textile industry, chemical, marine and engine, HVAC, food industry, edible oil processing, metallurgy industry and so on.
Features: compact structure, small area, good heat transfer effect, small pressure drop, many kinds of packing and good corrosion resistance, especially when it is easy to produce foam material and vacuum operation, it has its unique advantages.
Advantages: high heat transfer efficiency, large logarithmic temperature difference, light weight, small area, easy cleaning, and easy to change heat exchange area or flow combination, suitable for multiple medium heat transfer.
Application range of plate heat exchanger
Chemical industry
Metallurgical Industry
Petroleum Industry
Power industry
Mechanical and electrical industry:
Paper industry
Food industry

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